In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter October 11, 2012


The President picked up the phone –

“Christie… are they here?”

“Yes sir.”

“Right, send them in please, Christie.”

The anticipation was palpable as the members of his Administration hurried into the Oval Office.

“I’ve called you here, ladies and gentlemen to inform you that I intend to make a speech to the world on Christmas Eve. In it I intend to express an appeal from humanity for God to appear.”

An audible gasp reverberated around the room.

“Mr President that is ludicrous,” the Secretary of State scoffed.

“With all due respect sir, this question they are bandying about is a Pipe Dream!”

“Perhaps it is,” the President responded quietly. “But tell me, how will we feed, water, clothe and house nine billion people in 2050? The world runs on oil and we’ve almost used up our two hundred years worth with no sustainable benefit that I can see, and no realistic alternative in sight. Tell me, how are we supposed to turn that around?”

“But that’s different!”

“Is it? I’ve been on the telephone for weeks… with Heads of States… Religious Leaders… everyone. The internet site – Shard 77 – has crashed under the power of interest it has attracted. People all over the world want a simple answer to a simple question! It seems in their hearts many actually believe God will answer a call. And if they’re right… well, all I can say is … what a timely intervention that would be.”