In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter August 16, 2012


The President was curious, but tentative. Ever since he’d heard about the sadhus and their experiment with Max he’d had a growing fascination with the idea, and found himself secretly willing it on. Was it possible that sadhus had been receiving messages from God? Had Max received such a message? What was it all supposed to mean for him and the world?

“Hunter Bryson Stirling, it’s very good of you to call.”

The President was warmed by the familiarity of Shard’s tone.

“Your Prime Minister asked me to contact you. He said you had something you wanted to tell me,” he said, concealing his excitement.

“Hunter,” Shard said warmly. “You are a lucky man. Born in a great country, given every opportunity… for many years you’ve felt the power of the world at your feet. Now it’s time for you to rise to your greatest challenge. All you need to do is settle the religions.”

“Oh… is that all?” the President laughed.

“Tell me Hunter,” Shard pressed, “how are you with religion?”

Hunter Stirling had never been particularly interested in religion.

“I’ve always considered religion a personal matter,” he said.

“And you – personally?”

“You’ve asked me to call because you want to know my personal attitude towards religion?”

“I do.”

The President felt reluctant, constrained by the formality of his office. He never discussed religion with anyone, particularly not in the Oval office. But his natural curiosity crushed this reactionary bent.

Tell him…

What does it matter!

“Frankly, I’m ambivalent about the whole concept of God.”

“Ambivalent,” Shard repeated. “That’s excellent!”