In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter June 28, 2012




Of course you’ve got to keep going!

This is no time to sleep!

Mate… get on with it… it’s got to happen tonight!

A shot of fresh impetus streamed through his body, powering him back into the night. Something had changed – he was keener now, sharpened by a sense of urgency. Now there was no time to waste.



As he emerged from the maze of mills, Max saw a dog on the corner – solitary, predatory, snarling. Suddenly, in the silent conspiracy of the night, there were two dogs, then three. Before he could change course a skulking pack of dogs was gathering menacingly behind him, growling ominously, sizing him up.


Ignore them.

He charged down the centre of the road, pounding the stick on the ground defiantly as the dogs rustled around behind him – rounding him up, pushing him deeper into their territory.



Time ballooned as the dogs trawled uneasily behind him, growling disagreeably as if undecided what to do with him.



Then he heard the click of paws accelerating behind him and felt the hot breath of dog on his heels. But there was no pain as a dog sped past, cocking its head for a gleeful glimpse of the fear it had inflicted, barking encouragement to the others.

Max braced as the pack rushed at him, snarling and snapping at his heels in a whirlwind of terror. But as they trotted off, growling triumphantly, there was still no pain.

Mate you were lucky there…

Thank God for the stick.