In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter April 5, 2012



Shard continued –

“The Regeneration is an evolution not a revolution, it contemplates a change of consciousness, not a change of political structure, and is achievable without the shedding of one drop of blood.

“But still the idea behind the Regeneration will appear as a most unwelcome surprise to many people. It will surely upset their world to hear that renunciation, our traditional method of enlightenment, is in fact the method endorsed by Christ for the time on earth known to many believers as the Last Day.

“It involves a choice – a choice we each need to have – not necessarily to make, but at least to have.

“And we need it now – a little ahead of time. So we can get a feel for it – and not just rush blindly in.”

The P.M. could feel himself physically tighten as he listened to the old man move into increasingly dangerous territory.

“Prepare yourselves well as we enter this special moment in time – a moment predicted by none other than Jesus Christ – when everyone receives exactly the same invitation, and faces the same odds – one hundred to one, and everlasting life.

“What can you make of an offer like this?”

He laughed –

“Who knows?

“Perhaps one hundred to one describes the dimension of the long promised paradise of prophesy. We’d like to think that. God only knows we need room to grow and develop our skills.

“And everlasting life? Could this simply be the natural child of enlightenment – freely available to those who no longer fear death?

“Who knows?

“Who really knows?”

Shard waited –

“What we have here is basic Christian philosophy, mixed of course with a little ancient Hinduism and, for those who know it, a light sprinkle of the magnificent Koran.

“What we have here is Universal Faith.”

He opened his palms and broadened his smile to the camera.

“Welcome to the Regeneration.”