In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter January 22, 2016


Max smiled to himself as he looked out across the Valley, the same valley he’d  overlooked five years earlier – the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

How it had changed – catastrophe averted.

Isn’t life fantastic – the changes that have overwhelmed the Planet since God’s brief visit to Earth.

See… what good people we really are!

How nice!

How helpful!

How sweet to each other!

Considerate – not just when it suits but All the Time!

Who would have believed it?

No one – not even Max. He’d renounced the old world in disgust with its degeneration, without ever really formulating a picture how it could be… if people were good.

And how nice was God? What a surprise! Nothing like people had been led to believe, not at all the Grumpy Old Man, hurling people into the fire for their “sins”. No, none of that at all. Instead a Beautiful Woman, full of compassion for the mistakes that we’d made as experimental creatures, blaming not us but Herself for the failures in our genetic mix… too much greed, too much adrenalin release in the lust for power, too much fear and imaginary loss.

Her fault!

How that had flattened the imposters, rabble rousers and fear mongers!

Humble pie for them – the silly bastards couldn’t even get the sex right!

It had been easy for Max, after all, he’d never had anything to lose. It had been much harder for those with money… and power. Everyone knew – they were the real heroes.

But they’d been heartily rewarded.

Everyone had been heartily rewarded – a World of Love.

No one had been forced to take responsibility for the disaster we’d all helped to create. No… it had all been a tiny mistake, an unintended genetic imbalance, a failure to appreciate that human beings need to actually know God, and a failure to understand that this actual knowledge was the only antidote to man’s ego.

And now that this perfectly natural drug had been released… what a change!

The spark in people’s eye – it was back!

God, here for a brief moment, then suddenly gone!

The only punishment was shame. The shame of an invalid legacy unveiled, the shame of not only being wrong, but of leading others astray. 

In the End – No Gates of Hell, no Burning Fire – just a few red faces.

But for Max this was all just fleeting thought, because in fact very few had needed to suffer even that.  For most, God’s timely visit to the Planet was simply the beginning of a Great Gathering.