In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter October 4, 2012



I know – it was strange how these two words, two words the President had heard so many times before, which normally meant so little, now seemed to convey such promise.

“What else do you know?” he asked spontaneously.

“I only know that the Regeneration will be a success.”


Don’t abandon reason here….

He thinks he knows – that’s all.

He just… thinks he knows.

An awkward silence grew – another standoff that the President expected the Pope to break. Eventually he was forced by the pressure of passing time to speak himself.

“How can you be so confident?” he asked.

“Don’t you know – I have the Ear of God,” the Pope teased.


The President wasn’t so sure about that. There was nothing personal in his skepticism. The Pope’s voice – his tone, his manner – sounded fine. The President’s reaction was deeper than that. He’d simply never accepted miracles and such. Of course, he was perfectly happy to accomodate those who did believe these things but… miracles just weren’t his thing.

The Pope continued with barely a pause, unconcerned by the President’s obvious ambivalence.

“And what I hear is entirely positive,” he added, provocatively.

Suddenly, it seemed, the President had come crashing into an invisible wall of faith.

Where “I believe” becomes “I know”…

Which quickly translates into “I have the ear of God”…

And soon, if you’re not careful, will become “and I’m telling you”.