In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter August 30, 2012


The director was always like this – tough, matter of fact, outrageous. There was no room in the director’s company for debate. The director was not in the least interested in arguing the point. The President’s director was the point.

So… you’re the President.

That’s good… good for you… and good for America.

But… you’re not just an American.

You’re a man of the world…

And it’s the people of the world, “most people”, you should be helping…

Eventually someone has to step up to the plate…

And they clearly think it’s you.

Think about it.

You are the man made messiah.

You will achieve what no leader has ever dreamed of achieving.

Twitching again, the President rolled over, fighting to bury this sparkling imagination, struggling to regain control, moderation.

Let’s face it…

Many people are struggling.

Most are, in reality, without much hope.

They see a planet struggling to cope, with no room in it for them.

Family is all they have – family and pets.

Outside of this, there is little love. You know that, everyone knows that.

But we’re all human – and we can all still dream.

And the dream is always about perfection.