In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter August 9, 2012


The Chairman shuffled in his seat.

“Operators like Sands can just disappear. They have different identities they can step into. It happens all the time! There were other agents over there who seem to have disappeared as well.”

The President rolled his eyes.

“You’re telling me you have no idea where he is.”

“At this very moment… we’re not sure.”

“It’s possible he’s gone back to India.”

“It’s possible – but nothing to do with us.”

“So, you’ve got a lunatic on the loose with all kinds of crazy notions that you’ve fuelled him up on, who by now probably thinks he’s saving the world. And you’re telling me there’s nothing to worry about!”

“He hasn’t done anything yet… as far as we know.”

“Yet!” the President said with unrestrained disgust.

The Chairman leant forward earnestly.

“The Committee decided that you didn’t really need to be involved. We thought… if the project Sands was involved in, was exposed, it would be better for you – for you, sir – if in all honesty you could say that you had no knowledge of it whatsoever. We wanted you to be able to swear on your oath that your hands were perfectly clean.”

“So,” the President chortled. “That’s what you’d have me believe.”

“Yes sir, whatever we did, it was only to protect you… and your office.”