In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

An online novel released weekly from 1st March 2012


“Anyway… I do believe you should at least be allowed to try to prove it – if you can do that without causing too much trouble.”

With this warning the surgeon looked across at Max, unconscious on the trolley.

“Fire up series two,” he demanded.

The theatre lit up brilliantly, illuminating Max’s strong young face.
As David Brown gazed down at him, he couldn’t help thinking –
Poor Max – out of this only one thing is certain…
You will never be the same again.


The surgeon liked to talk while he operated.

“See this…”

David Brown strained forward to see what looked like a speck of sand on the tip of the forceps.

“Look at it – there… on the screen.”

Within the highly magnified image it was easy to see right through the translucent covering, deep into the complex world of the implant.

“This is our transducer…”

To David Brown it looked like a simple contact lens.

“The coating is silastic – totally inert to inflammatory reaction.
“And look at the circuitry – see how it all comes together and connects to the central lens?

“It’s brilliant.”

The surgeon looked past David Brown, directly at the camera, and smiled –

“It’s really very simple,” he continued.
“The transducer converts light received by the eye into a pattern of electrical signals which are then decoded by an external receiver back into light waves for reproduction. It’s a beautiful piece of equipment, very sophisticated.

“In the end, we see on our screen exactly what he sees.”

It was this that most interested David Brown.

“Every nuance?”
“Every tiny twitch on the periphery – it’s that good.
“The insert will provide a perfect reproduction of normal human vision – far better than any camera – we will almost be him.”

David Brown’s attention was suddenly hijacked by the appearance of the needle, now hovering menacingly over the naked, defenceless eye. He braced himself for the plunge. But there was no plunge, just a drop of fluid into the eye.
The surgeon looked up at him, sensing his tension –

“You’re lucky,” he said. “If you’d gone ahead with the bionic eye, well… that would have been a different thing altogether.”