In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter July 26, 2012

“The act of renunciation unifies them, not religion.”

“You sound like a convert!’ the President joked.

“No – not me but… I spoke to a lot of people.” Dirk Watts said, with a curious smile. “We don’t have street life here at all, compared to there. Gossip, especially if it has anything to do with God, just… takes off! It’s big news there when a westerner renounces. They see it as some kind of vindication of their spirituality.”

“So… where do you think the major thrust is coming from?”

“Well sir, there are so many different groups out there claiming an interest in Max you could never be sure where the idea originated. But you could be right, sir,” Dirk Watts said cautiously, “it may be coming from the Muslim world. It could be linked to what they call – the Last Day. You’ll see from the notes – this idea suits their religion perfectly.”

“But you don’t know… with any degree of certainty.”

“It’s all just speculation. I never got to Haji Malang. And I didn’t meet Shard. My guess is you’d probably have to do that before you really knew what was going on.”

“Well? Why didn’t you get up there?”

“I tried. But… I’m not a sadhu.”

“You could have renounced for me,” the President said with mischievous grin.

“Sir, there are limits… I did meet the guy though.”


“I asked him what he thought he was doing living on the street like like a beggar.”


“He said he was researching a novel.”

“Hoh,” the President laughed. “Did you ask him what it was about?”