In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter June 28, 2012



A small fire caught his eye, flickering enticingly, dancing with its shadow at the end of a small alley. The sweet smell of incense lured him with its luxurious promise and a woman emerged from the shadows, smiling welcomingly.

Max tried to speak.

“Please… water,” he mouthed.

But the words simply caught in his throat as he tried again.

The woman smiled as though she’d seen this before, as if losing one’s voice was perfectly natural for a sadhu.

“Can’t talk?” she asked.

Max nodded uncertainly.

“You want water?”

Calmly she poured water into a brass cup and handed it to him. He drank slowly as the woman continued to replenish the flowers and offerings at the foot of the small shrine she had been tending.

The scene was so comforting, the woman’s gentle understanding so unexpected, that he relaxed a little, and lingered in the warmth.

But after a short while, the woman turned back to him –

“You go to station,” she said. “Station best for you,” she added with a knowing look, pointing the way.

Mate… she’s right.

You should get on a train…

Get out of the city.

You’re getting nowhere here!