In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter June 14, 2012

A morbid sense of curiosity was all that had held him back. He wouldn’t have minded seeing the sadhus’ plan play itself out with that smart-ass Max. He didn’t think for a second that Max would ever get anywhere. Even if he did, it could never amount to anything. One more renunciation is hardly likely to change the world! Even if the rumours on the street are correct and the sadhus are making some kind of film of it! So what! It’s hardly likely to win an Oscar!

In reality the trip to India was just another gig which he’d milked a little because he’d always known it would never amount to anything. But now he had to move it along. Now people were demanding action.

Now… where in the hell are they? Jesus Christ! You’d think they’d answer the fucking phone!



“What’s happening over there?”

“Oh… it’s you Marlon,” Julia said uncertainly.

“What’s happening?”

“Nothing – it’s… nearly midnight.”

“Is he still there?”


“The Australian of course!”

Damn you woman!

“The last time I looked he was,”

“What is he doing?”

“Not much.”

“And them?”


“The sadhus damn it! Do I have to repeat myself every time?”

She is so dumb this woman!

“Marlon,” Julia said impatiently, “it’s all quiet over here – nothing’s happening at all.”

“Well what about Singh, have you heard from him?”

“Not at all – not since you left.”


Just order the kill.