In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter May 31, 2012

What is their problem?

Don’t these people know that you are one of them!

“Remember, Sands – in the end, money is what sets us free.”

“Of course.”

“Any challenge to the system of money must be eradicated. Your mission in India is a perfectly appropriate response to this challenge.”

There was an echo of agreement from around the table.

“We just can’t just sit here and take it.”

“I agree! Absolutely! And may I say – you have chosen the right man for the job!”

The Chairman remained grim faced –

“So,” he smiled unpleasantly, “the Committee is not at all happy. The Committee thinks you’ve allowed this outrageous challenge to get out of control. In fact,” he continued, flushed with anger, “the Committee wonders why it is that you have not done what the Committee employed you to do?”

Don’t these cretins understand – killing people isn’t that easy.

“It’s all set. I just have to…”

Make the phone call…

But wait a second…

Are they still intending to override the President?

“But the President wants to see me!”

“You take your orders from us!” the Chairman said menacingly.

“But he is the President!” Marlon said, smiling as he looked around the table. “And I don’t think he’s invited me to the White House to give him advice on his golf swing!”

What a miserable bunch of cretins. They think they are so clever with their stupid piece of paper… but when a man comes along and cracks a genuinely funny gag they can’t even manage a grin.

There was no point talking to them. If at the end of the meeting he didn’t agree – well fuck them, he’d say so.

And soon you’ll have the President in your back pocket as well.

After all Marlon – you are the man.

“So… that’s our problem,” the Chairman said. “Or should I say, you are our problem.”

Marlon couldn’t contain himself.

“Oh great!” he exploded. “That’s really encouraging of you! Particularly as I still can’t see what I’ve actually done wrong!”

“That’s the point,” the Chairman said coldly, “you’ve done nothing at all!”

What do they think you are – some kind of savage?