In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter May 31, 2012

The Committee seemed strangely uneasy – quite unlike last time when they’d been brimming with pomp and bluster. What was going on here? Had they lost their nerve? Was the mere fact that the President had got wind of it enough to choke them? What’s wrong with these people – these… babies?

“Don’t worry,” Marlon repeated.

He hated these devious, drawn-out meetings. It was all just procrastination which he found irksome in the extreme. He was a man of action – a real man. He just needed to know exactly what these cretins wanted him to do.

Then he would simply go out.

Do it.

Get paid.

And move on.

You’re the man…

And you don’t have time to waste with all this bellyaching!

The Chairman glared across at him.

“I don’t want you to get us wrong, Sands,” he said. “Of course, we love our President. He’s a fine looking mouthpiece. But we all know he’s green in the job. And he’s not a natural, if you know what I mean – not really one of us. He’s a liberal – way too liberal a liberal… if you get my drift. You’ll need to be very careful with him. Watch what you say. The President may be many things… but he’s no fool.”

Marlon didn’t agree. To him, all liberals were fools.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I know how to handle him.”

Not only did Marlon know how to handle the President – you are looking forward to it.

The Chairman was obviously unconvinced –

“You wouldn’t want to tell him… too much. But you wouldn’t want to tell him too little either. Be warned – he’ll fire up if he thinks he’s being lied to.”

Lies? Who said anything about lies?

The Chairman reached into the thick file in front of him and handed Marlon a piece of paper.

“So… have a look at this.”

Marlon stared at the blank page. There was nothing on it – not a word, not even a symbol.

He turned it over. It was perfectly blank, both sides.

Is this some kind of joke?

“What you have just read,” the Chairman said, smiling cynically, “is the complete file on the Australian – the full record of all our discussions and resolutions – including any instruction you think we may have given you at any time.”

“But there’s nothing here!” Marlon scoffed.

“Exactly. Who we are and how you came to be here is irrelevant – particularly when you are dealing with the President. All that matters is that you do whatever is required to protect the American way of life.”