In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter May 10, 2012



The slab was home to a small gang – three young men and a fluctuating bunch of kids.

“Tell me Padam – how come you get to live here?”

“How we here?”

“Yes – how come you guys have got it? I mean – I had a look around – this place is full!”

“You mean – who allowing us to sleep here?”


This was the only thing Angela had been a little coy about. Max wanted to know who was paying who, and for what? Angela said she didn’t like talking about money.

“This place short time only,” Padam said.

“We not owning,” joked the massage-man.

“No lease!” the legless beggar added, giggling.

Max wanted to sort out the money – there had to be a deal.

“Mmm – but what about the …”

“This – foundation only – one day building coming here.”

“We here maybe… one week… maybe one year.”

“Who knows Maxyman, who knows?”

There it was already – the nick-name – so soon.


“We liking here – too much.”

“You waiting Max – you seeing.”

“You sleeping here you liking too much too. In the end you not wanting to leave.”




The inevitable crowd gathered.

“Max – why you coming here?”


“India – why you coming here Max?”

How could he answer a question like that? How could he possibly explain to these guys that he was a spoilt white boy with too much money and a vague idea of writing a novel?

“Why Max?”

All eyes were on him – demanding some response.

“I want to write a novel,” Max admitted quietly.

“What about?”