In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter May 3, 2012



Max lay on his back, gazing up at the shimmering leaves, marvelling at the magnificent play of light.

The concrete slab was not exactly comfortable, but it was not all that bad – not nearly as uncompromising as he’d imagined. If he didn’t move there was no pain at all. And surprisingly, his mind was calm and empty – with no voice taunting him, rebuking him, or mocking him for lying down in the heart of this wildly over-populated city, in a country he didn’t know at all, and trying to sleep in the street. No voice reminding him of the obvious – that he was totally defenseless out here – a perfect victim, with no idea, really, what he was doing.

It didn’t seem to matter. All that mattered was drifting into sleep in the dappled light – the sharp, punctuated noises merging into a hum in the distance as the enticing waves of sleep surged through him, lulling him into its careless abyss. Lost in the lush, luminous sea of leaves, Max eventually rolled onto his side and before he knew it, was gone.

As the energy of India Gate intensified all around him, he lay in a deep, dreamless sleep. Nobody took any particular notice, but if they had they couldn’t have missed the small smile on his face.

He was happy.




Rita and Buck were sitting at the far table, talking earnestly. She was an inspired choice Julia thought as she headed towards them. Like most of these natural beauties, the magic was in the skin – flawless, radiant, with a magnificent chocolate tone.

Rita smiled cynically when Buck introduced her –

“Oh,” she said. “Another ghoul! I suppose you’ve been watching me too?”

“Definitely not!”

Buck intervened –

“Rita is not happy with…”

“Not happy! I’m furious. This was the worst job – you have no idea. And to think everyone was watching the whole time – it’s unbelievable! Someone’s going to pay for this!”

“It wasn’t everyone – don’t worry, it won’t get out,” Buck said soothingly.