In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter May 3, 2012

But this was no time for self-indulgence. No – now she had to push on, get it over with – just confess and get out of here.

Rita found her way to room 709, and knocked.




A firm, authoritative knock on the door woke Julia – where am I?

She was suspended in time – what’s happening?

Images of last night flashed past – you drank too much!

A second knock, louder, even more determined.

Oh my God – it’s Marlon!

He’s busting you… with Buck.

She heard the door open – a woman’s voice – angry.

In a flurry of confusion, she rushed to the bathroom and wrapped herself in a towel. Had something gone wrong? Was it unravelling with Max already?

A steely grip of panic clawed at her stomach. The last thing she needed was for Marlon to find out that she’d spent the night with Buck.

My God – he’d love that!

That would be breakfast, lunch and dinner for Marlon.

You’d never hear the end of it!

Propped on the side of the bath, Julia examined herself in the mirror, brushing her hair off her forehead, studying her best profile –


Don’t worry… you look good – surprisingly good…

A quick shower…

Freshen up and…

“She’s gone,” Buck called from behind the door.

“Who was it?”

“Rita – the temptress. It seems our man’s done a runner.”

Julia had a sensation of dread – of a nightmare just beginning.

“Mmm – right…”

What will Marlon think about that?

“I told her I’d see her in the Sea Lounge in ten minutes”

Julia opened the door –

“So… what’s the plan? Should we tell Marlon?”

“I need to speak to her first. I’m her only contact. We’ll lose a little time, but… it won’t matter. I thought, maybe, you could come down in about half an hour. I’ll sort Marlon out later.”