In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter May 3, 2012



“Carriage ride?”


“Boat trip?”

“No!” Rita said, brushing them aside.

“Elephanta Caves – best tour in Mumbai?”

“Big tour – all India understanding?”

“No – go away!” she said angrily.

Couldn’t they see she wasn’t a tourist!

“You need guide? Good guide? Cheapest and best?”

They were infuriating these street people – all the same, all over the world! Why was it that one never seemed to learn from the answer you just gave the other?

“Don’t touch me!”

“But you needing guide?”

“Are you deaf?”

“Good guide – showing everything.”


“Cheap price?”

“Get out of my way!”

“Hey… pretty one…”

She couldn’t help looking over –


Very handsome…

Cheeky smile.

“You want jiggy-jig?”

Now they were all laughing at her – damn them! She’d only been in India one day and already she hated it. They were so invasive these people – so rude!

“Fuck off!” she screamed at funny boy.

“Fuck… off!” she repeated as he reeled back in horror.

Eventually, not believing that she’d lost it like that in front of everybody, she stumbled into the cool, serene sanctity of the Tower foyer. But even this rolled-gold, marble-floored oasis provided no lasting relief.

There could be no relief.

It was a disaster – her first overseas mission and she’d failed so miserably – and in such an awful, personal way.

Just when you thought you had him…

The dirty rotten bastard slithered away…