In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter April 5, 2012

Shard redirected his gaze back to the sadhus.

“And so, as predicted – the Last Day suddenly appears on the horizon –free and clear – for all to see. Nothing approaching an experiment like this has ever been even considered before, let alone attempted.

“In deference to the Churches who have kept his name alive, let’s pray that the outcome of the Regeneration is the resounding success Jesus predicted it to be.

“But please…”

He looked at the camera –

“Let’s not take ourselves too seriously here.

“Let’s ensure that we retain our sense of humour – after all, this additional sense of perspective is what distinguishes us in nature.”

Shard looked down, like he was searching for something he’d forgotten, and then back again at the camera.

“So,” he said with a smile of relief. “We come back finally to now – to the only thing that really matters.

“And it is now that I have great news for you…”

The glint in his eye re-appeared –

“This is where we are truly blessed.”

“At this very moment in time we are about to witness through our own eyes something approximating the experience Jesus went through in India around two thousand years ago.”

There was an immediate buzz of excitement –

I am proud to announce that right now…

“In India…

“Indeed, just down the road, in Mumbai…

“We have another young champion on the move.”




At that precise moment, Max moved into the missionary position.





Julia was not at all surprised by the sullen, impatient mood as she walked into room 707.

“Sorry,” she said. “But there were a few things I had to…”

“Sit down,” Marlon said curtly.