In the Regeneration - the man-made messiah

Chapter March 29, 2012

“To our credit we have survived the greatest test, the test of time.

To our credit we have not allowed ourselves to be eaten up by history.

“We say – what is great about humanity, about us, is the fact that we have successfully withstood everything that perversity can possibly throw at us and not yet ultimately disgraced ourselves by conniving somehow in the complete destruction of the greatest creation of all – nature.

“What is great about humanity is that there is still hope of redemption and… re-union with God.”

As Shard turned back to the sadhus his smile widened.

“And that you live on… as the personification of that hope.

“So I ask you, please, do not misunderstand my reference to the past.

“I know that you know that only now matters.”

He nodded acknowledgement to the sadhus, then looked again to the camera.

“But I have a duty to humanity to raise one little story from its convenient resting place in history – not merely because it cries out for review, but because in order to move forward sometimes we must go back.”

The softly flickering light of one hundred flaming torches lit up Shard’s face as he spoke –

“The story I must revisit contains an old record passed down through the generations, religiously handed down for no purpose other than to one day inspire us into a better future.

“Some of you will be surprised to hear that I am referring to the story of Jesus Christ.”

Silence filled the temple courtyard.

The P.M. was stunned –

Was Shard really going to try to re-tell the Christian story?

“We begin with a traveller, a young man from Nazareth.

“Like most travellers throughout time – looking for the truth in life.

“And to this end he’d been through Europe, across Asia Minor – indeed half way around the globe – living as a poor man on the road.

“Eventually, he came to India.”

There was a murmur of understanding amongst the sadhus.

“By now Jesus was already claiming a major mission on earth.

“He just didn’t quite know what it was.”

Shard smiled gently through the buzz of amusement.