“I’m still not completely convinced about this you know. Of course, I love the question. If everyone wanted to see God at the same time, would God appear? It is a great question.

“But Dave… you’ll never get everyone to want that.”
“Of course – you’re probably right.”
“I mean, we all know – it’s one thing to ask a question – even a good one – but something else entirely to get anyone interested in the answer.”

“Yes, we do know that.”
“So, as I say, I’ve still got a huge question mark about all this…”

That said, the surgeon smiled as he looked down at the implant –

“Even with the use of brilliant technology like this.”

They looked at each other – silently exchanging a nod of reserved but mutual agreement – a secret activity shared.
David Brown gently touched the surgeon on the shoulder –

“Don’t worry Neil – we all know this is a long-shot.”
“We sure do.”

He laughed –

“Even Jesus had it out to one hundred to one.”

The surgeon responded spontaneously –

“And we all know what an optimist he was!”
“So – what do you say then – a million to one?”
“Right now?”
“Your chances of pulling this off?”
“Yes – what do you think?”

They were grinning – their faces enlivened by the challenge. This was their nature – they were game players, risk takers, lovers of life – nothing ventured, nothing gained.

“Come on Neil, you’re a gambling man – what do you think?”

The surgeon took his time –

“How many sadhus are there in the world?”
“About ten million.”
“Really – so many?”
“That’s what they say – of course, they are impossible to count.”
“Well Dave, try ten million short of seven billion. Barring a miracle, they are your odds.”

“Good one Neil – very funny.”
“No Dave – that’s the problem – I’m serious.”